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Joe Keenan: Digital Strategist | Nonprofit Visionary

Empowering non-profits to thrive in the digital age.

Joe is a proven leader in crafting game-changing digital strategies for the nonprofit sector. With a unique blend of senior executive and consulting experience, he helps clients unlock new business models, build adaptable teams, and implement impactful technology solutions.

Joe got his start in digital with the bootstrapped redesign of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America’s website, leading to multiple redesigns as the business evolved, engaging microsites, and innovative online communities. This foundation, bolstered by 8 years at Wiley (publishing) in multi-channel marketing and product development, allows him to facililiate cross-functional teams to produce tangible results.

Today, Joe guides non-profit organizations to explore, adapt, and adopt digital solutions that drive engagement, efficiency, and impact. He collaborates closely with diverse stakeholders, ensuring every project delivers significant value.

Based in the scenic Hudson Valley, Joe is excited to help your organization navigate the evolving digital landscape.