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Marketing & Fundraising

More Than Websites: Design a Digital Ecosystem that Drives Results

Nonprofit organizations often host multiple websites, digital campaigns and initiatives – essentially a portfolio of programs, services, marketing and fundraising events, and campaigns. It gets overwhelming! Developing, staffing, growing and maintaining your digital presence across this portfolio is challenging. 

I partner with organizations to design a strategy and operating framework to make it all work together while keeping the focus on two primary objectives: building and engaging audiences and converting people to become supporters — donors, volunteers, brand ambassadors.  

Partner with me: Conquer Your Nonprofit’s Digital Jungle 


  • Digital marketing and communications campaigns: Raising awareness, building brand equity, and driving engagement.
  • Data analysis and insights: Understanding supporter behavior and measuring program effectiveness.
  • Content creation and distribution: Sharing stories, updates, and advocacy messages.
  • Technical support and training: Enabling staff and volunteers to utilize digital tools effectively.
  • Partnerships and collaborations: Leveraging technology to work with other organizations and achieve shared goals.